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Like Dr. Frankenstein and his Creature, DARK HUMOR is a creation of sheer magnificence and insanity!

'Twas a foggy night in 1996 when maniacal screams of "IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!" were heard throughout town. The incident took place in "Nowhere, Kentucky" where a delusive institution- escapee, Terry Rice, and a mad scientist, known only as Noah, crossed paths in the town's cemetery. Noah described his plan to create a band that would take the world by storm -- and a partner in crime was all that he needed. Fortunately, Noah was able to avoid a violent beating by allowing the runaway psycho to join the band... DARK HUMOR was officially formed!!!

The band's first studio album, "...And The Rabbits Danced!", was recorded and released in 1997. With the album circulating around their hometown, DARK HUMOR quickly gained notoriety as "fucking idiots". An unfortunate incident occured after the release of DARK HUMOR's debut album, forcing Noah to move away and conduct his mad experimentation in Texas, but mind you, DARK HUMOR was by no means abandoned to the maggots!! The band eked out an existence in the digital wasteland known as the Internet, and in the years that followed, the band self-released many demos, covers, and bonus tracks, and was featured on the "Radio Friendly 3197 A.D." compilation by Record Graffix and various tribute albums.

It was also via the Internet that Terry and Noah found a common musical interest and restless evil dwelling within a wandering soul, Joey Kamiya. They took the young'un under their wing and taught him of the true darkness and humor of this rotting world. His first task was to write and record the music for "Jim Beam And A Bottle Of Pills", and it was then that the DARK HUMOR members discovered what musical chaos Joey was really capable of... resulting in a permanent membership in the DARK HUMOR cult.

In late 2003, the new lineup began working tirelessly on original material for a new studio album. Many songs exposed a softer, more mature side of DARK HUMOR. Instead of dwelling in nightmares filled with crunchy punk-rock riffs, shouted expletives, and "fuck you" choruses, they began to haunt more diverse regions of sonic soundscape, writing acoustic ballads, gothic-romance rockers, and even some folk/country tunes. Of course, they also produced a generous quota of hard-hitting, crypt-kicking rock anthems, as well as some retro-DARK HUMOR songs.

Although the band is currently unable to bring DARK HUMOR to life through a world tour, Terry, Noah, and Joey shall continue to sow musical chaos that will spread like the Black Plague through stereo and computer speakers all over the multiverse and beyond...

Relax. Grab a beer. Take a listen and try not to strangle the person next to you. This is DARK HUMOR.