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Well, here's some of both!

"YUMZ!!! Love you guys. Your tunage makes me very happy (Oh, is that bad?)."

"I think y'all would be an asset to any label, indie or national. It's always great to hear something new, and even better, innovative. I think it takes balls to try and excel as a band that really can't be put into a specific genre. You have something for everyone, it's just a matter of getting people -- namely mainstream only fans -- to hear the tunes."

"The only bad thing about your music is that it's making me rethink my decision to give up hallucinogens a couple of years ago."

"I think I finally figured out who you remind me of. Ready? A weird mix of Zappa, Jane's Addiction, R.E.M., and the Dead Milkmen."

"Some of the new material is positively beautiful. 'A Sad Song' in particular; it sent a shiver down my spine..."
--Owen Plohr

"[''From My Little Black Heart To Yours'] is.... Like, the best song ever. I really like it. S'wonderful. You've just become my newest favorite band!!!"

"You never cease to amaze me. If I could describe you guys in two words it would be "musical geniuses." And with songs like 'From My Little Black Heart To Yours,' 'Dream Me Awake,' 'A Sad Song,' and 'Scarred,' you prove it. Thanks a lot for giving [a preview sampler CD] to me, I'm nothing but impressed."
--Andres Muerte (of SKIN 30)

"I think the song is rad!"
--Betsy Palmer

"Hey, I saw your Aug 19th new post and all I gotta say is give em hell. A lot of these ppl subscribe to the mentality that we should be doing what we do solely for them, and while the public is a consideration, first and foremost, musicians please themselves first. So fuck 'em I say. I used to get endless complaints that my music didn't have words, when I added vocals, I got complaints that they were buried in the mix, when I made them clearer I got complaints about the lyrics and everyone kept complaining about my low voice. So again, I say to hell with them, it's great to have some fans, but you should be doing this for you, and thats the most important thing."
--Crystal Walters (of Cry For Life)

"charming. good melodies. lots of low fi charm and pop sense bleeding threw"
--Ahab Rex

"I like your band's beats but the voice could be harder. But it's still fuckin' tight..."
--Gilbert Chavez

"Your CD rocks, man! I'll be the first on your order list... I hope you're in my anatomy class so we can play with DEAD THINGS!"
--Ronald Castillo

"I downloaded [the "Dead Things" video]. It's really good! My brother didn't believe that a 17-year-old did it."
--Crystal Vergara

"Some whacky crap... it made me smile... bravo... press on..."
--Stu Charno (TED of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2)

"It's cool. Diverse - I like that"
--Dave Angstrom (Supafuzz)

"I had the chance to listen to "And the rabbits danced", and there are a few really good tracks on there, I think Up From The Grave is my favourite, it's just really catchy, don't have the stomach for Born Dead however, just seems like needless shock value, but your stuff is very good."
--Crystal Walters (Cry For Life)

"It Has It's Moments!"
--Jello Biafra

"I really like the song goodbye, be careful, i luv you. thats a good one. and the one, oh shit i cant think of it right off, but the lyrics say something about saying your prayers before you leave. at least thats what im hearing. lol"
--Argyle Goolsby (of BLITZKID)

"there's some definite good stuff on there!"
--T.B Monstrosity (of BLITZKID)

"I think you guys rock ;-) "
--Velocity (of Vulgaras)

"In the evening i had to go to bed early and looked around in my collection of records to find anything to listen to in bed. Jimi Hendrix, Sabbath, oh, what's that? Dark Humor... i should give it a try. It looks so neutral to me, so i really didn't know what to expect. But finally i have to say, Dark Humor is awesome. First i thought it's just like old Pentagram but it's just great. Track 4 is really nice, i listen to it while going to school every morning. Terry's voice is fantastic and the guitar play is heavy and crunchy sometimes and the acoustic thingy is a perfect contrast to it. Yeah."
--Patrick Pickel