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volume one
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1. Avenpitch - The Way I Am (The Way It Is Mix)
2. Thosquanta - Betsy Palmer (Thosthirteen Mix)
3. Artoxicated - Bastard (ArToXiSkA MiX)
4. Ahab Rex & Afterbirth - Scarred (The Ahab Afterbirth Mix)
5. K. Croll - October 2004 (K. Croll Mix)
6. M-Halo - The April Song (Minimalist Mix)
7. Releveler - Dream Me Awake (Nocturnal Emission Mix)
8. Artoxicated - This Will Never Go Away (Artox Chaize Mix)
9. K. Croll - October 2004 (October Never Ends Mix)
10. Artoxicated - From My Little Black Heart To Yours (ArToXiCAtIOn v 2.3)
11. System Syn - Bye, Be Careful, I Luv You (System Syn Mix)
12. All Of Them Witches - A Sad Song (Kinder-Morgue Mix)
13. The Eighth Day - A Sad Song (A Sad Way To Die Mix)
14. Ahab Rex & Afterbirth - From My Little Black Heart To Yours (The Ahab Afterbirth Mix)
15. Gunther Void - The Way I Am (Let Her Cry Mix)
16. Skinny Marie - Dead Things (Skinny Marie Mechanix Mix)
17. Gera Smells - Understood (Mirando La Luna Magica Mix)
Dark Humor's First Remix Album
volume one of a two volume project
Remix Artists Are Listed Above Next To The Song Remixed
special guests include:
Crosby (of Call Me Alice) - Additional Vox On "Dream Me Awake"
Amanda Davis - Answering Machine Messages On "THIS WILL NEVER GO AWAY"
Amy Glass - Additional Guitar And Effects On "The April Song"
Jessi Roberts - Lead Vox On "From My Little Black Heart To Yours"
Francis Salyers - Additional Answering Machine Message On "This Will Never Go Away"
Sean Spada - Piano On "From My Little Black Heart To Yours"
The Sleepwalker - Additional Vox On "The Way I Am" & Co-Writing Credit On "Bye, Be Careful, I Luv You"